To continue the education process children need laptops. For now, a lot of them are doing it on the mobile phones of their parents or grandparents. Some of the families have 2 children and more, and they can’t do it simultaneously.  

We can help them and make their life better.

A lot of companies and people have old laptops that they don’t use. This is the moment to use it for a good cause. You can give them to people who really need them.

We collect requests from people. Carefully check if it’s really needed and in case we have in stock – giving.

On every laptop has given we make a record in our database and picture of happy people. If they agree with posting it on the website – we post.

Imagine, your old laptop is somebody’s way to education and better life in the future.

To donate the laptop, please contact us via the phone number or email, which you can find at the top of the website.

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