Courses and lectures for refugees

A lot of women were pushed to leave their homes with kids, while their men defended their motherland. Some of them can find their place in society easily, some of them might find it hard.

To make them feel better and let them find themselves in society we want to provide them with courses and training that will help.

Of course, if they are staying in The Netherlands, we would like to provide them with Dutch lessons, but we should start from somewhere and many people can speak English, but not the level to be efficient enough at work, so English lessons for those who have at least basic english level. 

We organizing work market orientation, helping them to find a job and start living normal life, while they need to seek for shelter in The Netherlands.

One of the courses that we are organising is how to get to IT, an overview of what the IT world looks like and consist of, and later on more profiled courses with more in depths of their professions.

If you would like to help us, please, check out our donations page.

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