Can you imagine yourself, how is it to left your country, your house, your friends just to survive?!
These people, mothers with kids are running from the danger of loose their children’s lives and lives of themselves, with nothing in their hands, no food, no clothes, no toothbrush, nothing, they are lucky if they were able to get at least something in their backpack and passport, but some of them were not even able to get a passport…

We started with collecting donations in our house, full house and garden were occupied by boxes, but now, working closely with Gemeente Amstelveen, Participe and B. we are able to go bigger and collect and supply people who are arriving every day, more and more to the Netherlands.

At this moment we have 2 drop-off points, one is at the B. in Amsterdam and another one is in Amstelveen.
We supply all the people that are in need with everything they might need on arrival as well as during their stay here. It might be clothes, shoes, underwear, hygiene, food, toys for kids, a baby wagon, bicycles, and others, that might be needed.

If you would like to help people, please, check out our donations page to see, how you can help.

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