backstage from our weekend charity delivery

There is some backstage from our weekend charity delivery.

You can see the most common load,which we have when we need to visit a few places, and the orphanage at the same time. The orphanage escaped from Polohy (near Zaporizhzhya), and we’ve been taking care of them from the very first weeks of them being in the Netherlands.
This particular ride is a little bit different, because we have 3 volunteers in the car instead of 2. For the third one we had to move the stuff a little bit.

From the left from our volunteer you can see a black backpack. This is a part of backpacks we sometimes give Ukrainian kids in different locations. Those ones were donated by one of the dutch schools where dutch kids put inside each backpack whatever they thought important for a kid.
Behind the volunteer you can see a few huge bags from Primark. The biggest size of bags they had. There are socks and panties for Ukrainian orphans. Primark is quite cheap store, but 38 kids is 38 kids. 3 pairs of socks and underpants to each kid and all donated money are gone!
Under the bags you cannot see, but just trust us, there are 25 laptops for kids in 2 different locations.
On the volunteer’s laps you can see 2 smaller paperbags. This is food. Usually we barely have time to eat, that is why Burger King take away is a blessing.
That’s why you can see our volunteer smiling. He’s finally have something to eat!

This is how our weekends usually look like.

If you want to help Ukrainian kids with donations or gadgets, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund or simply donate here: https://lnkd.in/eMewvZss

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