9 more laptops from Worldline were delivered to Zeeland on June, 4.

Zeeland has it’s own soul with all this water around. There is Delta project – the biggest Storm Surge Barrier in the whole world, and the museum dedicated to it. There are a lot of bridges, even underwater toll roads. Those are the ones you can see on photos of the Netherlands, saying “underwater bridge”.

There are a few “overwater” bridges as well. Our foundation lost 2 hours just because one of them was closed, and we had to find another way to get to the province. Because of that kids had to wait longer than expected to get their laptops. Fortunately this did not spoil the surprise and happiness.

Unfortunately, we could not satisfy them all. Usually we take a few laptops more than needed, because there always families who did not know about us, or were too shy to ask for a laptop. This time it was the same: we saw two families – with 3 kids and with 6 kids – who didn’t register in our system. But we took too little amount of extra laptops, so we could provide only 1 laptop to each family. Which is not that much if you have 6 kids at home, 5 of which are studying. That is why we hope that more companies and people will join our initiative, so we can return back to Zeeland and help even more families.

If you want to join our initiative and help Ukrainian kids, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund or simply donate here: https://lnkd.in/eMewvZss

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