Visited 5 places in Frisland and Groningen

On May 28th, our Open Huis voor Oekraïne Foundation visited 5 places in two provinces – Friesland and Groningen. So far, this was our most unusual trip.

First of all, we were treated with real Ukrainian borscht. Of course, we could not refuse such an invitation, because the borscht was also served with sour cream.

Second of all, one of our members found a native soul: one of the families came from her hometown, which she herself left 8 years ago, during the first occupation.

And finally, we saw the most unusual location we’ve seen in the last few months. Two families live in a real museum (in the adjoining rooms) and even gave us a little tour there.
The museum is very exceptional and resembles a mixture of a typical grandmother’s house in a remote Ukrainian village, where you came as a child every summer and ate cherries straight from the tree, and a kind of Dutch practicality when everything is located where it should be.

But most importantly, thanks to our sponsor Worldline, 10 laptops were donated to Ukrainian children. We once again express our deep gratitude to our sponsors for the full support of our foundation and help to the Ukrainian people!

If you want to join our initiative and help Ukrainian kids, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund or simply donate here: https://lnkd.in/eMewvZss

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