10 cities in the province of South Holland

On May 21, our Open Huis voor Oekraïne Foundation has made its longest trip. We visited 10 cities in the province of South Holland, returning home after midnight. On this day we saw many people and heard a lot of their stories.

One of the women we met was crying while telling how Russian soldiers smashed their personal electronic devices at one of the checkpoints when they were fleeing from Kharkiv. Just in front of their eyes. She managed to hide one mobile phone device, and since then 3 kids were trying to study remotely using this one phone. When we brought them another phone and a laptop, she said she just regained her faith in humanity.

There was also a mother who did not tell her daughter that she had registered in our web form for a laptop. It was a big surprise for the girl and she also was almost crying.

There was another woman who asked us if it is possible to register for a laptop if the child is autistic. At first, we did not understand the question, but then we were explained that it was due to stigma. She was worried that she would be told that such a child did not need a laptop, it would be better to give it to other children. We assured her that her child has the same right to a laptop and access to education/leisure as all other children.

At our latest stop it was so emotional, that even their volunteer and a security guy came to us to say thank you. It touched us deeply.

Our foundation will continue to do everything possible to ensure that as many Ukrainian children as possible receive tools for learning and self-development. Because children are our most precious treasure!

If you want to join our initiative and help Ukrainian kids, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund or simply donate here: https://lnkd.in/eMewvZss

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