Ithaka Internationale Schakelklassen in Utrecht

On May 20th, our Open Huis voor Oekraïne Foundation visited the Ithaka Internationale Schakelklassen in Utrecht. This is an integration school with extensive experience in working with children from around the world.

Using all their experience, they were one of the first who were able to open the doors to Ukrainian children. They started with 5 classes in April, and now they have 11 with 25 Ukrainian children in each class.

Children who study there are just incredible. We were able to provide only 29 laptops for them, which, of course, is not enough because the school has almost 275 students. Not everyone received a laptop, not everyone had time to sign up. One of the students just gave her laptop to another girl, because she needed it more, and she did not have time to get on the list. We were deeply touched by her gesture.

We are infinitely grateful to the school and its teachers for taking care of Ukrainian children and for all the good they bring to their lives.

We will continue to help the students. We hope that the 29 donated laptops is just the first step and we will be able to do even more.

If you want to join our initiative and help Ukrainian kids, please contact us via info@openhouse.fund or simply donate here: https://lnkd.in/eMewvZss

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