Open House voor Oekraїne opens a mentoring program for talented ukrainian kids who want to join IT.

Founders of our foundation are IT geeks with more than 10 years experience each. We want to help talented kids join the forces.
Before russian invasion ukrainian children had a lot of learning and educational opportunities. Now there are very few of them, if any. That is why we decided to help and thanks to Zivver we can do it.
We formed our very first group of ukrainian kids in the Netherlands, which want to join IT. There are a lot of different directions in IT and we do not limit them in “being only a software engineer” or “you are a QA, or nothing!” They have freedom to be whoever they want.

All mentorship is absolutely free.
What else:
– we provide powerful laptop (which can handle all tasks needed) to each student (thank you Zivver )
– we pay for courses and books (if needed)
– we mentor students ourselves and give them all support needed
– we try to provide them a real project (as an internship), so they can get a real life experience.

If you want to join our initiative please send us an email to

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