Ukrainian school "Prosvita" in Breda

On the May 14th, our Open Huis voor Oekraine Foundation visited the opening of the Ukrainian school “Prosvita”, located in Breda, and the orphanage, which moved there from Pologi (Zaporizhzhya). The story of how only 3 councelers relocated the whole orphanage deserves a separate film adaptation. This is not our first visit to the orphanage. We have already brought 20 laptops before. This time we gave them 3 more laptops, and 7 were given to the first students of the school.

We also brought gifts for the orphanage from students of Dutch schools: Dutch children prepared and filled the packages themselves with things they wanted to give to Ukrainian children. Each box was unique both outside and inside. We gave all this boxes to the children.

While the councelers were working with the children of the new school, a lecture on the Executed Renaissance was organized for the parents, which was also attended by representatives of our foundation. It’s just unbelievable how diverse and vivid our history is, and how they have been persecuting it for the centuries. We saw Les Kurbas and all his innovative and revolutionary (for that time) ideas in a totally new light. Now we begin to remember how talented and persistent our ancestors were, and how it all ended. Most were killed, some had to adjust to the new system, some managed to escape abroad and from there to continue their work.

It is very important to learn from the lessons of the past. This helps us to avoid mistakes of the past. If you also want to listen to interesting lectures about Ukrainian artists, write to us and we will try to organize it.

If you want to join our initiative and help kids, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund

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