9 cities in North Holland

Our Open Huis voor Oekraine foundation continues to help Ukrainians in the Netherlands. On May 8, we visited 9 cities in North Holland where we provided refugees with 15 more laptops.

During our deliveries, we meet many different people. Hospitality is an integral part of the Ukrainian culture, so we are often invited for coffee or tea, and sometimes even to taste traditional Ukrainian borsch. We usually agree because, for people who all of a sudden find themselves in a foreign country, the opportunity to communicate with someone in their native language is very important. During such conversations, we try to listen to people and give them advice: how to open a bank account, what discounts on public transport are available, how the medical system works, etc.

In one of the families, we helped a mother with two children to understand the settings of the laptop. The younger child, an adorable girl with a button nose and two ponytails, was looking at the laptop and constantly saying “WOW”, clasping her hands. And the eldest daughter just said firmly, “Not Russian, Mom!” when we explained how to set up the language.

In another family, when we gave the child a laptop, her mother started to cry. This often happens because people see so much evil in a short time that they no longer believe in goodness in this world. Her 6-year-old daughter explained to us: “Mom is crying because Dad stayed home. He can’t be with us, because now there is the war back home”.

No child should know what war is like and see it for themselves. Children deserve a peaceful sky and a better future! Our foundation makes every effort to ensure that the future of Ukrainian children – despite all circumstances – will be happy and full of opportunities.

If you want to join our initiative and help kids, please contact us by email: info@openhouse.fund

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