irst laptops are making their way to new owners.
People fleeing the war don’t get much time to pack their belongings. In the majority of cases they have just one bag at best. Sometimes – not even that is an option. Survival of their loved ones and themselves is their main focus.
Often they only get a chance to think of what they might need in their day-to-day life much later, when reached safety and settled.
We got a lot of requests for laptops, and every story behind those requests is a tragedy. We are trying to help refugees as much as we can to make their life more bearable.
As of today we handed over 9 laptops:
– for a 9 year old girl from Kyiv to be able to continue with her classes online. Her mother actually managed to pack a device for her originally, but it didn’t survive the trip.
– to a family with two children 6 and 10 years old to be able to follow the school program remotely
– to a boy with vision impairment for studying, because staring at the tiny phone screen for 4-5 hours a day worsens his situation drastically
– to a family with 3 children for remote schooling
– to a pregnant woman, who works despite being close to her delivery date to give consultations to fellow Ukrainians
We were able to hand over those laptops thanks to a donation from a small company, which have chosen to remain anonymous.
We know that you are following us on social media, and sending you our heartfelt gratitude!
If your company wants to participate in this initiative and donate laptops to children from Ukraine, please reach out to our foundation so we could discuss it on detail.

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