On April 5th our foundation Open Huis voor Oekraїne was officially registered at KVK (Kamer van Koophandel) – Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.
It all started with just a small storage space at the house of one of the founders – Viacheslav Bulatov.
With time it grew, more people started showing up and it became apparent that having a storage at home was not the best option. From that, with help of many others, we’ve got to the point of having a storage with donated clothes and goods in Amstelveen, 1185 TW, Handweg 121.
At certain point we felt like supplying people with clothes only was not enough. Leaving all their lives behind, they needed so much more. And that’s how together with Dmytro Shyshov and Tetiana Zinchenko we founded Open Huis voor Oekraїne. The main goal of the foundation is to help children who had to flee Ukraine to the Netherlands, and those who are still in Ukraine. We are planning not only to help here and now, but also in future to help Ukraine heal and rebuild.
We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us in this endeavor of building our own foundation. By virtue of all of you it became possible to establish and register this foundation in such short terms. Thanks to you all we can help much more children who had to flee the comfort of their homes and, in some cases, lost their parents in this ruthless war.
You may ask what it means in practice – to have a foundation?
First and foremost it means more opportunities for us to help others – now we can collaborate with big corporations, to organize transparent process of fundraising. This also means people have more trust in us, so they donate more goods. And we can use all of that to help even more children in need.
Let’s stay together and be brave like Ukraine!

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